Gym at Style Health & Fitness, Norwich

We all know that the key to good health is a combination of a balanced diet and exercise. But when you’ve struggled to get active or make the right choices with food, the task of getting in the shape you want to be in can feel very daunting. But the good news is that it’s absolutely achievable if you approach it in a sensible way. So here at Style Health & Fitness, we’ve got our trainer Matt to give you the tools to reframe your fitness fears and start your journey to body beautiful.

Step 1: Get your habits under control

Today you probably did a number of things without even really thinking about it. Perhaps you always have coffee and a biscuit at 10am, or you have a slice of toast when you get in. Whatever your habits are, they all add up – so if you are making really unhealthy ones, you have to change them. The key to doing that is to work out what the trigger is. Take a look at your day and work out what habits you have that really need to change in order to give your health a boost. Why do you need that biscuit at 10am? If your blood sugar has dropped is there a lack of protein in your breakfast choices or can you switch to a handful of nuts or some fruit? Once these small tweaks are made, you’ll be amazed how they contribute to a much healthier bigger picture.

Step 2: Be consistent

You’ll likely be tempted to overall everything, make dramatic changes and then struggle to maintain this self-imposed new regime. Don’t do it! Small changes done regularly are the key to long term success. So don’t tell yourself that you’ll go to the gym five times a week, just start slowly. It’s a great idea to give yourself one fitness goal and one nutrition goal. So perhaps you’ll schedule one work out and one yoga class in your weekly schedule, then aim to have two servings of vegetables with your evening meal. Once these become habits, you’ll build on them and take it up a notch. You’ll be amazed how much easier it is to sustain.

Step 3: Adapt your training to your goals

Don’t be scared if your most recent fitness goal was to walk to the shop instead of driving, that’s fine – we all have to start somewhere! If you are looking to change the shape of your body, resistance training is the best way forward. It works in two crucial ways – by burning body fat at the same time as building muscle. Try a circuit based class as a fun way to start changing your shape. You’ll be burning calories even after you’ve finished working out and you’ll be getting stronger every time. What a great way to tone up and transform.

Step 4: Keep it fun

Newsflash! Exercise is not supposed to be a punishment. But sadly, that’s how many people view it. If you really want to get fit and fabulous, you need to pick something that doesn’t make you want to die every time you do it. There are so many options out there and you will find something you just love to do. It could be hitting the cardio machines in the gym, shaking your booty at Zumba or punching it out at a boxing class. At Health Style & Fitness we’ve got so many options covered and we’d love to help you find out what your exercise favourite is.