Spray Tan & UV Tanning in Norwich at Spa at Style Health & Fitness

Summer’s here and that means days of sun, sea and sand in some gorgeous location are tantalizingly close. But before you’ve got a rum punch in one hand and a copy of Grazia in the other, you need to get beach ready.

That doesn’t just mean locating your passport and packing every pair of sandals you own. You’ll want to look and feel as fabulous as possible and that’s where the Style Health & Fitness spa’s holiday checklist will come in handy. We’ll help you get your body beach ready before you jet off!


Beach Body Checklist

Superb skin

You’ll be showing off plenty of skin, so getting it in peak condition is a top priority. We suggest the wonderful body exfoliation treatment ESPA Salt and Oil Scrub, which will put back the sparkle into your skin. By exfoliating, dead skin cells are lifted off, oil and bacteria trapped below is removed and the healthy skin cells below revealed. Your pores will be opened, your circulation improved and the scrub’s essential oils will get to work to nourish your skin. You’ll emerge feeling relaxed, fresh and with a body that’s prepped for tanning. Don’t forget to pack the sun cream!


Let’s face it swimwear is no friend of the casual waxer. You’ll want to feel confident that everything is neatly dealt with before you brave a bikini. Fortunately, our spa ladies are waxing wizards and can ensure you are well taken care of. Our menu of waxing treatments covers everything from eyebrows to legs and, of course, the bikini line too.

Set the tone

Feel your very best in your beachwear after having a Body Contour Wrap – which can help you lose a few inches! A Godsend of a treatment, the wrap also helps to expel toxins from your body and improves the appearance of your skin tone, as well as working wonders on cellulite. What’s not to love?

On the lash

Mascara isn’t the most practical product for those wanting to wow on the beach. So to avoid trails of black running down your cheeks, leave the wand in your make-up bag and have your lashes tinted. The treatment looks lovely and lasts for four to six weeks, giving your natural lashes length and definition.

The art of nails

Avoid the misery of chipped, unsightly nails by going for Bio Sculpture gels. This gorgeous treatment gives your nails a glossy look and lasts for at least two weeks, meaning you’ve plenty of time to admire them.

Get a glow

You might be destined for a sunnier climate, but no one wants to be the only person on the beach without a hint of a tan. So cover your bases by getting a spray tan done before you ship out, and arrive looking like your life is one big round of glamorous adventures. We use the wonderful Sienna X fake tan and promise you’ll leave us glowing inside and out!