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Music is an incredible motivator- we all love that Rocky tune. When you get bored of your current playlist, a fresh set of songs can provide a little extra motivation.

Music is also thought to act as a good distraction from pain, especially for endurance training and reduces our perception of fatigue by up to 12%.

Music can simply make the experience of exercise more enjoyable and music style, rhythm and tempo are factors that significantly influence the aerobic activity hence why people usually opt for dance, high tempo music. Among young adults the preferred tempo generally falls within a narrow band of 125-140 beats per minute. To give that some context, Rolling in the deep by Adele is a pedestrian 125 bpm and Only girl in world by Rihanna is a heart raising 140 bpm. To up the pace further Mr. Brightside by The Killers is a speedy 150 bpm. Interestingly, research has shown that sedative music (think James Blunt, Coldplay etc) decreased strength significantly when compared to stimulating music, so not so good for weight training.

Aside from the science behind it, music generally is also associated with reducing tension and anxiety experienced in everyday life, so why not apply it in the gym.

Laura Easter - Active Attitude

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