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Support is crucial for exercise adherence. Whether it’s a family member looking after the children while you visit the gym or attending a spinning class with a friend, we are more likely to stick with exercise if there is support from others.

  • Research shows that effective exercise support can take the form of a gym buddy, workout group or personal trainer. There are a whole host of reasons why we need support:
  • Someone else is counting on you to turn up, whether it’s a friend or you’ve booked a place in a class
  • You motivate one another and encourage one another
  • Social interaction is rewarding, we are social animals we like to be around people!
  • Modelling- this involves seeing people behave in a certain way and copying it for example performing a skill well and copying that which makes us improve

So as well as getting support from others – you can give support to others. Give it a try!

Laura Easter - Active Attitude

Laura Easter
Active Attitude

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