Style and why we are here. Why? Damn good question.

We’d like to change the health and fitness industry, for the better. Looking around at health clubs we keep seeing the same thing; large companies with big membership bases. We’re not saying that these clubs don’t care or that they don’t know what there doing. We’re saying that there are too many people to take care of and no matter how many staff they have it’s a debt that is impossible to pay back. Why are we telling you this? It’s because we’ve seen this and we wan’t to help, simple as that.

When I first got into the industry it was because I enjoyed exercise and more specifically the feeling I got after each workout. Not to mention the huge boost in confidence. I finish 95% of my workouts feeling indestructible. Now imagine how good you must feel if you can help someone else to feel this way? It’s a great feeling and if you ask any good personal trainer they will tell you the same thing. We’re here to help people. Confidence has a close link with health, call it the placebo effect if you like. When confidence is high, you walk taller and with purpose. You even feel healthier. The mind body connection is not to joked about, I believe that if your happy it has to affect your body. So all this talk about confidence and indestructibility and I haven’t even mention how good exercise is for cardiovascular health, bone strength, losing weight and many other benefits.

So why Style?

At Style we all believe in the same things. We’d like to help people and we only employ people who feel the same why. We also appreciate that it can be very difficult to join a new club and try something new. That’s why we developed the kick-start plan. One of our personal trainers, the same trainers who wan’t to make you feel confident, indestructible and healthy will guide you closely for 4 weeks. They’ll not only motivate you in the gym but out of the gym as well. Using the your lifestyle portal your trainer can answer any questions you may have or provide advice on training, nutrition and lifestyle. Even after 4 weeks they’ll be there for as long as you need.

Think of the kick start plan as an investment into your future. We’ll provide the trainer, the nutrition plan, and the support you might need. Now you know why we do it, we’d like to help you feel better about yourself, inside and out. Try it, you never know what might happen? Change is positive, and it doesn’t cost the earth.

So that’s Style Health and Fitness Norwich. Book your kick-start now and we’ll show you who we are and why we’re here.

See you soon.