24 Trainers That Will Work With Everything in Your Wardrobe

    I’ve spent over a decade working as a journalist and most of that has been working in fashion. Over time, those of us who work in this area find they’re more drawn to certain subjects than others. For me, trainers and the surrounding trends have always had a pull. I’m not really sure what it is that has always fascinated me but I imagine growing up as a teenager in the late ’90s with the likes of Oasis and Blur making sports casual something cool and desirable has a lot to answer for.

    As I’ve gotten older, I’ve always enjoyed the softening effect that sneakers can have on outfits. Formal shoes can feel too old-fashioned with suits but the moment you wear a pair of Adidas Stan Smiths, you’ve got a Phoebe Philo-approved look. Add a pair of high-top Converse to a slinky slip dress and you’re suddenly much edgier than if you’d gone for a pair of strappy heels.

    Of course, for the past few years, sneakers have become very much part of the fashion insider’s wardrobe. They’re not just for hype kids or people who spend all their time working out. Fashion trainers are very much a thing. I personally believe that there is a sneaker for everyone out there, whether you’re more classically dressed or love the latest trends. I’ve compiled a list of the best fashion trainers around, splitting up the sneakers into four distinct categories: classics, designer, vintage-inspired and hype. Keep scrolling to see what I rate and why you’re bound to discover a pair you love.

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