Alexa Just Wore the Spring 2021 Outfit Everyone Is Going to Copy

    Of all the lessons I have learnt this past year, realising I get a lot of enjoyment out of celebrities and their fashion choices isn’t exactly the most profound. But honestly, who can say they haven’t missed the grandiosity of the Met Gala and the outrageous outfits that all come Anna Wintour–approved? Or the high glamour of awards ceremonies (I know we’ve just had the Golden Globes, but you’re lying if you think it’s the same pre-COVID). And what with fashion week front rows not returning any time soon either, I feel I have been starved of A-lister style. I just really want to look at outfits that are massively out of my price range but still inspire me.

    Praise be, then, to the likes of Alexa Chung who clearly knows what we’ve all been missing out on and has obliged us with a few looks on Instagram. The best by far however is one she posted recently which is her signature spring outfit: a floaty dress, long coat and boots. I guarantee that come spring proper (the one where it doesn’t turn back into winter the next day) everyone in London, and the UK will be wearing some version of this look. Chung has form where this combo is concerned and often goes back to it year after year, but it’s particularly perfect for those slightly chillier walks during spring. Keep scrolling to see the perfect spring outfit according to Alexa Chung…

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