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    There is nothing better than a custom woven labels, a personalized one from our super label store to accompany every look. You can personalize your design online with your text and your preferred symbols and images. 

    You can choose from a variety of dimensions and styles that will be delivered straight to your door. As far as our equipment is concerned, our classic women garment labels are made from 100% polyester damask yarn. Therefore, there are very resistant, they do not fade and withstand high washing temperatures. Our hot-cut processes ensure that the labels will not scratch the skin or fray with time.

    Furthermore, because we are committed to more environmentally friendly production, we use at least 50% recycled fibers. In addition, the materials we use for our custom woven labels are certified and not harmful to the environment and to the health according to the specifications and the requirements of the Oeko-Tex. The OEKO-TEX 100 Standard is an independent control and certification system for textile raw materials. Our fabric labels can even be applied to baby products easily, with no harm to the health and with peace of mind.

    Options for mixed colors

    Besides the above mentioned points and the health benefits, the custom woven labels and our mixed fabric labels have a slightly shiny finish and are gentle on the skin. Additionally, each color choice offers effects that capture the light.

    Our custom woven labels are also resistant to washing and machine drying at high temperatures and you can iron them on 40 ° C.

    Benefits and information regarding the custom woven labels

    The material of our custom woven labels consists of 100% polyester yarns that follow the OEKO-TEX 100 Standard certification. They also comprise of 50% recycled fiber. Their dimensions are 60mm x 15mm and as far as their care is concerned, they can be washed and dried at high temperatures. 

    Their finish is hot cut and without any fraying while at the same time they are soft and they do not cause any itching. Furthermore, as far as their application is concerned, the custom woven labels can be hand sewn or they can be done through a sewing machine since they contain thermocollants. As far as options are concerned, colors are pure and the technique used is that of Jacquard Looms. The quantity provided is 50 pieces minimum per identical series.


    Our configuration tool makes it easy to create a fully personalized garment label online. With over 1000 symbols, 31 typographies, a large selection of colorful threads and frames, you are sure to create the perfect woven label for your designs. There are many tips that you can find if you search online and if you want to be creative.

    Quality guarantee

    Our labels are woven from high quality materials on Jacquard looms. The fineness of the stitch will ensure you a much higher quality than embroidered labels while there are many options in design and colors that will blow your mind.

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